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An initiative by alumnus of IIT roorkee Mawsym.com serves the environment and the society to make this world a better place for everyone. It strives towards ending the poverty from our country by helping the government and NGOs who are already working in this direction. We acknowledge the fact that many of the NGOs are working for the upliftment of weaker section of the society and we are helping these ngos by selling the products made by them.
Similarly, the government is supporting rural people in setting up small industries in their village . Mawsym.com is helping such village industries sell their goods by giving them an online platform for showcasing their products.
Apart from all this to combat the problem of degrading environment we are promoting the use of ecofriendly products which are made up of recycled , reused and biodegradable material by selling them on our website.
In this way we are serving the purpose of environment protection , rural development, poverty eradication and fund collection for Ngos.

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