Abeers Sandal Soap 125gm


Benefit: sandal soothes body as laughter lightens soul. handcrafted abeers sandal fragrant soap, fights aging, tightens and smoothes skin and deodorizes the body. Sandalwood is an anti-biotic element that can make your skin, free from any kind of virus and bacteria. By making use of these natural sandalwood remedies for skin regularly, relieves you from the problem of ulceration. It also cleans your skin from the poke-marks and the after marks. This coat not only scrapes your skin but also softens it by moisturising. If you sweat a lot, then apply the paste of sandalwood powder on your body for 15 days before taking bath. It not only reduces the sweat but also gives your body a wonderful fragrance.
 Skin become softer, smooth, sweat free & moisturizing.

Ingredients: Each bar contains 0.25% sandal powder (Santalum album) and soap base
Pack Size: 125 gm